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All of our software products feature a 15 day trial period. Just download the trial version and install. Once you are certain that our software is right for the job, you can request a purchase order from us and we will deliver the full version products to you as download once we confirm your payment.

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what do i get?

Once you decided to purchase ezyCheque, fill in the Purchase Order form in the Purchase Order website and follow the instruction to make the payment. Once we confirm your payment, we will send you a receipt with the software serial number and a URL to download the full version.

Download the full version and installed to your computer. You will be prompted to key in the software serial number at the Getting Started wizard screen. Key in the software serial number in the field provided in the screen. The software will validate the serial number and once completed, you will get unlimited usage of ezyCheque software.

What you will get?

Eliminating spelling mistake/returned cheques

Automatic conversion from amount to words and retrieval of payee names eliminate spelling mistake on both payee names and amount in words. This further eliminates returned cheques due to spelling mistake or vague hand-writting.

Enhance cheques' security

ezyCheque comes with customizable font type, size and style. You can use a unique font for your cheques information. Besides font, you can add security symbol in front and at the end of each fields sentence. This can avoid alteration of the cheques.

Reduce administrative cost

With relatively low returned cheques, a company can save on the cost of cheques. Someone of you might earning too much to bother on the cost of a cheque because a 100 sheets cheque book is just cost us a merely 15 Malaysia Ringgit today.

But wait, how about the hidden cost that is not noticed? A penalty would be imposed by the banker if a particular company's cheque is returned due to spelling mistakes. Some suppliers would impose their own penalty for returned cheques. Further, the costs of traveling, embarrassment and future sales revenues are affected by the returned cheques.

Increase company charisma and image

A cheque tells story behind a company. With today's competitive markets, small details of a company would take into factor whether to do business with. A neat and computer printed cheque will have an image of highly IT centered and a well managed company. In contrast, a messy hand-written cheque will gives an impression of a low tech manual company. Worse still if the cheque is returned because of spelling mistake or vague hand-writting.

More efficient workforce

With ezyCheque, cheques can be printed without date. This enable accountant to prints all the cheques which is going to issue in the near future and obtain signature with Payee name and amount printed on the cheques. When a supplier comes and collects the cheque, a date can be printed at that particular day and makes the booking without waiting for authorized signature person to sign the cheque.

Further automatic conversion from amount to words and retrieval of payee names enable faster issuing of cheques and reduce unnecesary spelling checking on both payee names and amount in words.

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